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Justin Stone

Justin, a dynamic 83-year old when his last instructional DVD was produced, believes: "The circulation and balancing of the chi is the great secret of life. And this T'ai Chi Chih discipline, a moving meditation with far-reaching benefits, works with the chi. It's a very valuable exercise that affects the inner organs as well as the muscular structure. The slow, soft movements of T'ai Chi Chih have real effects on blood pressure, weight control, and other physical elements, but T'ai Chi Chih goes much deeper than that. Students who realize that practice is absolutely necessary often experience profound changes during a beginning course. Since most students feel the effects of the practice very quickly, it is not necessary to accept results as a matter of faith.

Justin F. Stone originated T'ai Chi Chih® ("knowledge of the Supreme Ultimate") in 1974. After spending many years in Japan, India, and China studying Eastern spiritual disciplines and mastering T'ai Chi Ch'uan, Justin created this new discipline so that everyone, including elderly people, could easily learn and practice the simple movements. Everyone can receive, and deserves, all the benefits that come from circulation and balance of Intrinsic Energy. Over 2,200 teachers worldwide are accredited in this discipline.

A Brief Biography

1916      Born in Ohio on November 20

1920s     Spends childhood in New York City

1930s     Attends Cornell University (1934) for two years; Moves to Los Angeles (1939), where he lands his first music job at a radio station and begins writing songs

1940s     Returns to New York City (1940) and assembles his first orchestra; Enlists in the Army Air Corps after Pearl Harbor bombing (1943); After Army discharge, composes, arranges, plays in and writes best-selling children's record sets; Organizes his first Big Band; Elected to ASCAP (1945); Becomes a Wall Street broker (1949) and eventual partner and half-owner of a N.Y. Stock Exchange seat

1950s     Sells interest in NYSE seat and moves to Los Angeles; Resumes career as a stock broker to celebrities in Beverly Hills; Meets Zen poet and world traveler Paul Reps (1954), who greatly influences Stone's life; Travels with Reps to Hawaii (1958), where they learn T'ai Chi Ch'uan

1960s     Receives Wurlitzer Foundation Fellowship to compose poetry in Taos, New Mexico; Travels by freighter to Japan for the first of seven trips (1963); Lives and meditates in Buddhist temples with Zen monks; Travels to India, living and meditating with Yogis in the Himalayas; Returns to Los Angeles (1966), working as a stock market technician and lecturer to finance future trips to the Orient

1970s     Leaves Wall Street once and for all, moving to New Mexico (1971); Creates and teaches language-learning method "Rapid English" for Japanese students (1972); Teaches Eastern disciplines, including meditation, at the University of New Mexico Honors Department and the University of Albuquerque; Originates "T'ai Chi Chih" through intuitive flashes in Albuquerque, NM (1974); Holds first TCC Teacher's Training in Los Angeles (1975); Moves to Carmel, California (1978), where he begins painting as a natural progression from music composition; Exhibits on the Monterey Peninsula and in Mendocino

1980s     Continues painting, daily meditation, writing, training T'ai Chi Chih teachers, and exhibiting on the Monterey Peninsula; Creates new movement form "Seijaku," advanced T'ai Chi Chih (1986); Records audio tape "Justin Stone Speaks on T'ai Chi Chih" (1986); Records original jazz piano compositions; Creates nationwide "Heightened Awareness" workshops; Produces instructional video tape "T'ai Chi Chih, Joy Thru Movement" (1988)

1990s     Records audio lectures "Spiritual Stories of the East" Vol. 1 & 2" (1990); Moves back to Albuquerque, New Mexico (1993); Paints prolifically; Begins having one-man shows in New Mexico, while writing and experimenting in music theory; Leads Turiya meditation retreats; Continues recording original jazz piano compositions; Writes original music, gives in-depth interviews, and is technical advisor for the 13-part PBS TV series "T'ai Chi Chih, Joy Thru Movement" (1994), produced by KNME; Creates "T'ai Chi Chih, Joy Thru Movement" and "Seijaku" instructional video tapes (1998)

2012      Dies in Albuquerque on March 28 surrounded by students.

Biography excerpted from Tentatively Forever and used with permission from Bindu Press.

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