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These talks by Justin Stone were primarily given at T'ai Chi Chih teacher conferences, but they are certainly apropos for students as well. They are offered below free of charge. Or you may order them in booklet form, for a nominal fee, from the T'ai Chi Chih Association of New Mexico (505-299-2095.)

From the TCC Teachers' Conference, Summer 1990
Zen is a transmission without the benefit of words or doctrine, leading to seeing your own true nature. Of course, that could be said of TCC as well. It is true that you have to use words to communicate and you teach with words. But it is the circulation of the chi, not the words, that brings about the changes...

From the TCC Teachers' Conference, Summer 1991
... Many years ago (it might be 25, 26 years ago), I was in the Himalayan foothills living with the Yogis, eating one meal a day (not very nourishing), spending most of the time in meditation and other times roaming through the hills down to the Ganges...

From 25 October 1991; Albuquerque, New Mexico
... My view of what is the spiritual life is perhaps different from what many people feel it is. In the first place, I don't think you can confuse it with the moral and ethical life... Spirituality, as far as I'm concerned, is being in accord with reality and I don't mean the reality of having to pay your rent or something of that nature...

From the TCC Teachers' Conference, Summer 1992; Vallombrosa, Menlo Park, California
... There is within you That Which Knows and that is your teacher. That is the true teacher. Most people have read that, but they don't believe that. So they want to worship somebody who is alive; they want to have someone else do it for them. But within you is that which knows...

From the TCC Teachers' Conference, August 1995; Denver, Colorado
... I'll call this informal talk "Cosmic Rhythm," a term I had never heard of or thought of until some weeks back. It is interesting how the term Cosmic Rhythm came about. Carmen [Brocklehurst] and I were called to KNME, the PBS television station in Albuquerque, to talk about doing a new T'ai Chi Chih show. (The show had great success the first time around.) We met with the program director and the head of the station. The program director, who I think had studied with Carmen and was very compatible with Carmen's ideas, was very easy to talk to, but...

From the TCC Teachers' Conference, August 2005; Albuquerque, New Mexico
... Let me bring it down to "the play within the play." What you're living, what your senses are revealing to you, is the play within the play. In the original play, the vast play, where there is no change, it's hard to conceive (although many teachers have spoken about it); there's been no beginning and there'll be no ending. It's hard to picture...

... The purpose of this material is to help T'ai Chi Chih teachers spot what mistakes pupils are making and to offer ideas as to how these faults might be corrected. It is absolutely essential that teachers be aware of what is wrong and know how to make corrections - otherwise the students will never get the full benefit of their practice. Moreover, it is entirely possible that the teachers, unknowingly, are making some of these mistakes in their own practice...

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